B. S. Raghavan joined the West Bengal IAS cadre in 1952 and was the Commissioner of various Departments. He also served as the Chief Secretary of Tripura. He was Director, Political and Security Policy Planning in the Union Home Ministry and the Secretary, National Integration Council during the period of the first four Prime Ministers. He was a US Congressional Fellow and Policy Adviser to UN (FAO), and Chairman of three UN Committees. He has been chief executive of four major public sector enterprises. He is now a columnist and author, connected with social service and educational organisations.

Ringing in the era of people's power

Without any exaggeration, 2011 has indeed been a turning point, a cathartic experience, giving a foretaste of the invincible power people have for bringing about whatever change they want. »

Labyrinthine legislative process of US Congress

There has been much consternation in India's print and electronic media over a Democratic Party Congressman and a Republican Party representative jointly introducing The US Call Center Worker and... »

American presidential sweepstakes 2012

Come this time next year, the US presidential election would have been over. The American people would have exercised their choice between the nominees of the two mainstream parties — the Democrat... »

Lokpal is as Lokpal does

The introduction of the Lokpal and Lokayuktas Bill, 2011, in the Lok Sabha on December 22 is in or by itself not an earthshaking event. This is actually the ninth Lokpal Bill to be introduced by t... »

Make GI, not GDP, the measure of growth

All over the world, public policies on energy are still heavily biased towards conventional energy sources. The reasons have understandably to do with many years of familiarity with conventional e... »

Foul odour from Home Ministry

Things are falling apart in the innards of Ministries at the Centre. Nobody is in control of anything, or owns up to anything, and matters are left to take their own directionless course. Letters o... »

Customers at the rough end of the stick

No one is better studied and courted, and yet no one is more taken for granted and pushed around, than the customer. More and more customers in all countries of the world are being subjected to the... »

Sibal sahib ko gussa kyon aatha hai?

There's no question about it: The Telecommunications and Information Technology Minister, Mr Kapil Sibal, is worked up. That's putting it at the lowest end of the scale. He is in fact in a terribl... »

Security mania of India's politicos

The immediate reaction of India's politicians to any fancied threat to their personal safety is to clamour vociferously for increased security at taxpayers' expense. They all, to a person, gave ve... »

Heading for a Never-Never land?

I wonder how many are aware that the Central Government has declared the years 2010-2020 as the Decade of Innovation and has established a National Innovation Council in 2010 with Sam Pitroda as t... »
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