Reflections on a cup of coffee

The Indian economy needs to capture the spirit of cost-effective innovation, as shown by Amul, if it has to get out of the low growth that it finds itself in today. »

Cry wolf, all thy scams are forgiven

Here goes a step-by-step approach to how to indulge in corruption and get away with it. »

Never shall taxes and votes meet

The entire community of salaried tax payers are promptly punished with a regressive tax regime for the sins of a few. The public can have the right to vote or a rational tax system. They can’t have both. »

A tale of two fatwas

If a few hundred million dollars could buy peace, then investors will just have to lump the resultant loss of market capitalisation as yet another facet of risk in equity investments. Or so goes the rationale. »

We have all been ‘Bangalored’

Businesses have, over the years, as a result of too much automation and outsourcing, lost their connect with customers. A company is reduced to a mere brand and everything else is outsourced to third-party vendors. »

A pitch for diplomacy

Can Pakistan get a home series without other cricketing countries visiting it? Such a ‘fiction’ may be a practical possibility in India, where cricket and politics are closely intertwined and politicians become cricket administrators. »

Art of making things complex

‘Keep It Simple Silly’ is all very fine as rhetoric goes. The harsh truth is we end up making things complex, as evindenced in the Barclays’ controversy over manipulating Libor rates. »

‘We are like that only’

While a sustainable model for ramping up airport capacities is yet to discerned, the development of national highways in the country provides evidence of how leveraging the existing infrastructure is the way to go. »

Policing is not a spectator sport

The CEO cannot deliver on his promise of reasonable returns to shareholders unless he is able to measure profits. Similarly, the traffic police cannot deliver on disciplined road behaviour without a measure of the occurrence of violations. »

Textbook route to cartoon trouble

Whatever the merits of the brouhaha over the Ambedkar cartoon, the more crucial issue here is that the NCERT should not be in the business of preparing textbooks. »
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