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On May 20, 1873, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis received a patent for blue jeans with copper rivets. This quiz is all about clothes and fads.

Fashion statement

1 What was first developed in 1977 by Lisa Lindahl and costume designer Polly Smith to make it easier for them to exercise and play tennis matches? One of the first of these products is displayed at the Smithsonian.

2 Typically, what would be worn on top of a mekhala, and in which Indian State would you find this graceful outfit?

3 Amongst all the Unesco-designated iconic sari weaving clusters of India, which particular sari, famous for its gold thread and silver yarn, was developed in the capital of the ancient Satavahana kingdom. There are records of Greek and Roman traders visiting to buy these fabrics between 200 BC and AD 200.

4 The use of the word ‘jeans’ is a comparatively new development. Until as late as the 1960s, what name did Levi Strauss give its flagship denim products?

5 Balthus, Hanover, Nicky, Plattsburgh, Cavendish and Grantchester are some of the lesser-known ways of doing what? Probably one of the single biggest tortures inflicted on us by the West?

6 In the same vein, Keki Dastaar, Patiala Shahi, Morni, Chand Tora and Dhamala are all styles related to which activity?

7 The general managers of two banks in a British Overseas Territory met during a clothing shortage in the middle of World War II and decided to present each of their employees two pairs of shorts and long grey woollen socks. From then on, shorts became official wear in this part of the world, and even their Olympic contingent traditionally marches in red shorts. Name the place.

8 Which variety of lightweight cotton cloth gets its name from the ancient city in Iraq in which it was first manufactured?

9 Which legendary television actor’s screen appearance while pregnant first created a demand for custom-made maternity clothes?

10 Which clothing item is named after a dockside village in Mumbai, which, since the 17th century, produced a variety of cheap and robust fabric?


1. The ‘jogbra’, originally called the ‘jockbra’ as it was created by sewing together two jock straps

2. The chador, worn by women in Assam. During weddings they also wear another garment called riha

3. Paithani, from the village of Paithan in Aurangabad district, Maharashtra

4. They were called waist overalls. For a long time women’s jeans had the zip along one side

5. All ways of knotting ties; the most common styles are the Half Windsor, Windsor and the four-in-hand

6. All ways of tying turbans. The Keki Dastaar is another name for the patka, probably the commonest style among younger Sikhs and athletes

7. Bermuda. Originally just grey flannel, the shorts have become colourful over the years

8. Muslin, originally from Mosul in Iraq

9. Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy

10. The dungaree, from the village of Dongri

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Published on May 19, 2017
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