Quiz: Striking terror

Joy Bhattacharjya | Updated on January 22, 2018 Published on September 04, 2015

On September 5, nine Israeli athletes were taken hostage by the Black September group during the 1972 Munich Olympics. This week’s quiz focuses on terror.

1 The Black September group got its name from a conflict which began in September 1970 in Asia. Name the country.

2 Which critically-acclaimed American television series is based on the Israeli series Hatufim, which went with the English title Prisoners of War?

3 Criminologist Nils Bejerot called this ‘Norrmalmstorgs syndromet’. Thankfully, the world has an easier name for this — coined after an event that happened in the early ’70s.

4 By what name is the organisation Wilayat Gharb Afriqiyah, founded by Mohammed Yusuf, better known?

5 In which Indian state are the Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup (KYKL), Revolutionary Joint Committee (RJC), People’s United Liberation Front (PULF), Kuki Security Force (KSF), Chin Kuki Revolutionary Front (CKRF) and Kom Rem People’s Convention (KRPC) among the main terrorist outfits working underground?

6 The LTTE’s conventional forces were called the Charles Anthony Brigade and the Jeyanthan Brigade. Their naval units were known as the Sea Tigers. What was the role of the Imran Pandian Regiment?

7 Which well-known writer created a series of award-winning stealth games based on a black operations sub-division in the National Security Agency known as the Third Echelon?

8 Alexander Duggan, Per Jensen, Martin Schulberg, Andre Martin and Charles Calthrop were all names adopted by which fictional terrorist?

9 Which former organisation called a ceasefire in 1997, and finally disarmed in 2005 under international supervision, handing over 1,000 rifles, seven surface-to-air missiles, 30 machine guns and over 20 grenade launchers?

10 The Russians know them as ‘Shahidka,’ after an incident in 2010. How are they more commonly known worldwide?


1. Jordan. The conflict began when King Hussain declared military rule after an attempted coup

2. Homeland starring Claire Danes as a CIA operative

3. The ‘Stockholm Syndrome,’ where hostages become emotionally attached to their captors, coined following the behaviour of bank employees during a hostage situation in Kreditbanken, Stockholm. American Patty Hearst is perhaps the most famous example

4. The Boko Haram, which translates to ‘Western education is forbidden’

5. Manipur

6. They were Prabhakaran’s personal bodyguards led by Viduthalai, also known as Gaddafi

7. Tom Clancy created the Splinter Cell series of games

8. The Jackal, in Frederick Forsyth’s Day of the Jackal, which was based on an actual assassination attempt on French President Charles De Gaulle

9. The IRA (Irish Republican Army), one of the rare happy endings of our time

10. Black Widows, female Chechen suicide bombers who have been associated with at least two plane crashes

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Published on September 04, 2015
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