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IPL conundrum

M.R. Subramani | Updated on March 09, 2018 Published on June 03, 2013

Ennis is worried about the court ruling on BCCI. So, he and Lis set out to fix things relating to IPL.

Ennis was terribly upset. The High Court has said that he cannot be the chief of BCCI and have a team in the IPL. He thought that he can have the cake and eat it too. How can that happen? the Court asked.

Unable to come to terms with the ruling, he decided to make Lis Urug the head of his poker league team Choking Super Knights (CSK). Let’s listen to what they talk in an urgent family meeting. In the meantime, he also decided to go to appeal to a higher authority.

Ennis: Lis, the only way I see to save our CSK is to make thee in-charge of the team. Fortunately or unfortunately, you have become closer to me by marrying Paru.

Lis: Ok, Uncle. I think that is the only way we can control everything related to PCCI.

Ennis: Look Lis, I will give all the freedom to make our CSK the best in the country. We can even fix the players, you know?

Lis: Uncle?

Ennis: Lis, it is not what you think. What I said is that we will ask others to give some of the best players to us. We can tell our players that if they play well for us, they will get to play for the country. We can also tell them that it is not mandatory that they should play as well when they play for the country. In fact, they can relax.

Lis: Ok, Uncle. I think we should get Niodh to lead our team. You know he gives his best when you promise him the moon. We can also get Jade. Wormie has said that Jade has a great potential.

Ennis: Then?

Lis: We can also get Kime, Winash, Rumal, Snorkel…I think we can have a great line-up.

Ennis: I think we may face problem from Teena since she wants a good team. We can strike a deal, don’t worry.

Lis: Wonderful, Uncle. And Uncle, I have an idea!

Ennis: What?

Lis: We can buy players from other teams, too.

Ennis: How?

Lis: We will pay them to underperform.

Ennis: What? We will get caught.

Lis: No, how can we get caught when you are the BCCI chief?

Ennis: Then, you can do one more thing.

Lis: What?

Ennis: Get in touch with the bookies. We can try and fix matches too. You can get some pocket money.

Lis: Oh! That’s great, Uncle. But if people find it out?

Ennis: No problem. We can tackle that.

Lis: How?

Ennis: We can order a probe by a panel that can give us a clean chit.

Lis: But do you think guys like Pearl or the media will keep quiet?

Ennis: Forget Pearl. He is a toothless tiger. Media? Ha? They will chase us for some days. After that, they will have something to follow. Trust the UPA Government. They will have some scam breaking out and we can get away.

Lis: That also reminds me of thing, uncle.

Ennis: What?

Lis: We can tell the media that let Manmohan resign for all the scandal allegations, then you will.

Ennis: Ha, idea Lis.

Lis: Our people, our media have a short memory. We can get away, Uncle, even with a murder. Then, a bell rang outside the door. Both got up and left.

Footnote: If you thought this is something to do with cricket, I am sorry. IPL is Indian Poker League and BCCI is the creation of a clerk who never got things right with words starting P. So, instead of registering the poker’s association as Poker Control Committee of India, he entered it as Boker Control Committee of India. And to this date, it remains so!

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Published on June 03, 2013
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