The vinyl record is a jurassic music format. It goes way back in the 1890’s and was the only thing playing in people’s homes until later in the 80s when cassette tapes and CDs took over.

But vinyl is vinyl. It slowly crept back in the sales charts in 2006. At first, everyone thought it was just a fad but the vinyl sales kept going up and up as years went by.

Today, in 2021, there are plenty of albums released on vinyl records. Artists big and small have been releasing really quirky and handsome vinyl records and it seems like it won’t be extinct ever.


Year 2020 was the year of the music industry’s rise of the old audio formats.

Both vinyl records and cassette tapes have been showing an increase in their sales. And to no music fan’s and vinyl collector’s surprise, vinyl records finally surpassed CD sales for the first time ever since 1986. Though it could not compare to the 2020 digital sales, it still is a big feat for the format.

According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), vinyl sales in America increased by 28.7% with $626 million as compared to its 2019 sales. And not only is the format coming back in the US it also has increased sales in the UK. British Phonographic Industry (BPI) reported that 4.8 million copies where sold in the UK for the year of 2020.

Why is this happening exactly?

Let’s find out why  custom vinyl record pressing in the US  has been gaining popularity like it’s the 50s!

#1 Fans are Loving the Format

Young ones, old ones...doesn’t matter. Many people from different generations and walks of life are lovin the vinyl again.

Even before the pandemic, vinyl already had a lot of fans but last year, maybe because people were bored out of their minds and are looking for things they can find solace in, the music fans who have never tried buying and listening to a vinyl record and those that witnessed the format’s reign in the music scene, have both been discovering and rediscovering the format.

What makes these fans love it more is the fact that it is an  expensive, collection-worthy format . It makes them feel like they're buying a band merch comparable to super expensive Marvel collectibles, especially when artists release limited editions of their albums on vinyl.

The vinyl album itself makes  it much   more fun to collect them . The beautiful and unique design on the vinyl jacket, vinyl record sleeves, and vinyl record will surely push fans to buy them.

We don’t have to justify ourselves on how we can say fans are loving vinyl records, right? It’s clearly been shown in actual numbers by both RIAA and BPI that fans are not just loving them from afar. We see people actually buying them and posting them on social media...which encourages others to try out vinyl...which causes vinyl’s high sales.

#2 Both Signed and Indie Artists are Releasing Vinyl Albums

With all the rave for vinyl records, who wouldn’t take advantage of that great opportunity, right? Vinyl records’ comeback has pushed record labels to start releasing their popular artists’ singles and albums in this expensive format. Last year, we saw how popular artists like Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa have released their latest albums on vinyl records.

Each of these artists contribute to the popularity of modern vinyl!

This encourages other artists to give it a try even though it is quite expensive to do vinyl pressing. In fact, they should really not worry because manufacturers that offer short run vinyl record pressing where they can have a record pressing for one copy of vinyl record.

Though ordering one vinyl record would be quite too much and may just be a waste of money and time if you ask me. If you’re planning to have a short run vinyl pressing, why not go for maybe 50 pieces or even a hundred.

Many artists are now willing to try the vinyl format not only because it’s easier to make and sell today, but it’s just one hella cool stuff every musician dreams of having.

#3 Unlike Spotify, you can get really creative with vinyl records

Because of the format’s big dimensions, both its packaging and actual record offers a big space to showcase the artists’ creativity.

The vinyl record can be designed with almost anything you can think of. It would be great if the idea is an original and unique one. One that’s never even seen the light of day yet. I’m sure fans, vinyl collectors, and even casual listeners would be interested in it, especially if it’s hyped up.

Here are some of the most unique custom vinyl records:

* Karen Elson - “The Ghost Who Walks” (Peach scented vinyl record)


* Shout Out Louds - “Blue Ice” (Vinyl record made of ice)


* Eohippus - “Getting Your Hair Wet with Pee” (Vinyl record with the artists’ pee and hair)


* Carl Sagan - “Voyager” (Golden record designed with illustrations connected to science


* Bootlegged vinyl record with x-ray designs from Soviet Union bootleggers


Are they all badass or what?!

Though the last two were not intended creativity, still we cannot deny that it truly is something else!

There are colored vinyl records that can be mono-colored and multi-colored. Multi-colored ones can also have different patterns that would surely look great, like the marble design, splash design, and ripple design.


There are also glow in the dark vinyl records, picture disc ones and even uniquely cut vinyl records. Really,


As mentioned above, vinyl records aren’t the only things that can be designed. Vinyl jackets can also be printed with the artists’ artworks and can even have a wider panoramic one if they pick the gatefold. In addition, inner vinyl record sleeves can be printed now too. They give artists even more space for their artwork, behind-the-scenes photographs, or their tracks’ lyrics.


Music manufacturers are focusing on custom vinyl records in 2021 because:

They’re cool,

People are buying, and

They’re much easier to make and sell these days.