Business Wire IndiaIt offers a single point of contact for all emergencies such as road rage situations, stalking, eve-teasing, physical threat, being stranded on the road late at night or being caught in a minor or major accident.TrackMEtravels through unsafe areas or when travelling at odd hours. Should anything go wrong, with just one touch of the app, the user gets connected immediately to OTR’s Command and Control Centre (C3). In the meanwhile one of the nearest Immediate Assistance Team (IAT’s), stationed strategically around Delhi - NCR, are dispatched to be by the side of the subscribers within minutes.such as the police, ambulance, medical services, fire, cab services, mechanics etcAsDelhiites take the requisite actions to prepare for odd-even phase II, we’d like to request them to avail of a service like One Touch Response to maintain their peace of mind by being assured of their personal safety at all time.OTR is the first of its kind safety service to combinea smartphone application with state-of-the-art technology , backed by on-ground physical response assistance. We believe that such a complete offering, that is on the lines of services available in leading markets like the US, Europe and Israel , is the need of the hour, in response to rising safety and security incidences,” said Manoj Chandra, CEO, One Touch Response.. About One Touch Response India’s 1 st On Demand Safety Service - 24x7
  • One point contact for any situation which requires safety, protection or assistance, be it – being stranded alone, physical threats, stalking, accidents, road rage, fire, medical situations, car trouble, etc. on the road or at home/office
  • Dedicated Mobile App for easy and simple access to the service. Automatically tracks and dials the Command & Control Centre while simultaneously sending out an alert with GPS coordinates to the nearest Immediate Assistance Teams. It also alerts your family members automatically.
  • 24X7 Command & Control Centre for safety tracking and immediate on-call assistance and guidance
  • On-ground Immediate Assistance Teams - verified, professionally trained responders stationed strategically across NCR (Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad & Gurgaon)
  • Coordination with the nearest external resources i.e. Police, Ambulance Service, Medical Services, Fire, Car Mechanics, Handymen, etc. depending upon the nature of emergency
  • TrackME service, where it provide regular check-in calls to update/ ensure your well-being, ideal for women, when they are travelling alone at odd hours
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