The 2024 edition of the ad and media festival Goafest will see a lot of focus on skilling and training. Goafest has entered into a strategic partnership with D&AD, an organization representing global creative, design and ad communities, to curate skill development masterclasses at the festival’s 17th edition, in Mumbai.

Crafted around the central theme of ‘The Age of Adaptability’, the Masterclasses are designed to equip participants with actionable strategies and transformative ideas. The first Masterclass, ‘Trend Immersion Workshop’ will help attendees identify emerging trends and differentiate them from fads. Titled ‘Unlock Award Winning Ideas’, the second workshop unpacks insights on the making of inspiring and impactful award-winning work and campaigns. The third Masterclass, ‘Unpacking Brand Iconicity’ is an interactive session that explores ways brands are using the iconic elements of their identity and provides tips for getting to the heart of a brand.

Fly into space with Oreo

Cookie brand Oreo is giving Indian consumers an opportunity to go to space by simply buying and scanning an Oreo Space Dunk cookie pack. This limited edition pack is available in the Indian market between May and June this year, and is an extension of a global campaign. The special edition ‘Space Dunk’ packs with space themed cookies come with a QR code which, upon scanning, will redirect the consumer to a microsite — — and give them a chance to be the first person to Twist, Lick, Dunk in space. The brand is partnering with Space Perspective to offer the chance to visit the edge of space in Space Perspective’s Spaceship Neptune — a pressurised capsule propelled gently by a space balloon.