Even as the ode to women continues to pour in — incidentally, the Luminous #WomeninEnergy ad was arguably this year’s best ad on female empowerment — there was lot of creativity on display in the brand building space. Coca-Cola’s global ad, especially, left one spellbound.

Bringing art to life

Coca-Cola’s brilliant new ad — The Masterpiece — literally brings works of art to life. The scene is a museum where a student is battling boredom, until the artworks become animated and pass around a bottle of Coke. Andy Warhol’s 1962 painting of a Coca-Cola bottle is the kick-off point for this fascinating romp through the art world with paintings by Turner, Vermeer among others featuring prominently. The disruptive two minute film shows what a combination of animation, AI and live action can do to storytelling.

Racing on trust

After the SVB collapse, banks have to really go the extra mile to win the trust of consumers. Perhaps it is apt that South Indian Bank in its big new national campaign to mark its 94th year stresses on trust and technology. Targeted at youth, the ad uses the metaphor of a sports car, and visuals from the race track showing speed, victory and dominance, and does not look anything like a commercial for a bank — and that’s why it catches one’s attention. But the ad manages to convey the message of legacy, integrity, trust and cutting edge technology.

Capturing for posterity

OnePlus has used its phone camera to good effect to bring home the threats to the planet. Its ‘Before They Fade Away’ which is going to be a multi-chapter campaign unveils the threats to plant biodiversity. In February 2023, adventure and landscape photographer Brayden Hall journeyed through the US capturing the fleeting beauty of nature through the OnePlus 11 5G phone lens, shining the spotlight on two vulnerable plants including coastal Redwoods and Bishop Pine. It’s a campaign that achieves two objectives — play up the phone camera and highlight the dangers to our environment.