India’s top three IT services companies have hired 45 per cent more during FY21 compared to the previous fiscal. TCS, Infosys and Wipro together hired 72,259 employees in FY21 compared with 49,888 the previous year.

TCS made its highest-ever net addition, with 19,388 employees joining its rolls in Q4. Its total headcount stood at 4,88,649, a net addition of 40,185 during the year. Infosys added 17,248 employees to take its total headcount to 2,59,619. Wipro closed the year with 197,712 employees, which is 14,826 higher than last year.

According to market analysts, hiring in the current fiscal could be even higher given the ramp up in technology deployment across different sectors. TCS expects to hire over 40,000 in FY22, to take its overall headcount above 5 lakh. Infosys plans to hire 26,000 this fiscal.

Wipro’s CEO, Thierry Delaporte, said during the fourth-quarter earnings call that there is an increased focus on digital operations as companies around the globe are investing in new-age technologies to accelerate their digital transformation and become future-ready.

A market analyst said: “The pandemic has increased the pace of technology adoption across the globe as clients and their customers move to a digital environment. Even industries that were traditionally not IT-driven or had little dependence on IT are now adapting their businesses to the new normal as they feel the need for more agile digital solutions with a faster time to market. This means more jobs for techies.”