Parason, a major producer and supplier of pulp and paper machinery, has partnered with ABB India to automate and expand the production of environmentally-friendly, compostable packaging solutions. This collaboration aims to reduce the use of single-use plastics and Styrofoam packaging among Parason’s customers, including those in the restaurant and catering industries, transportation, travel, and industrial canteens.

ABB robots will be integrated into Parason’s machinery to facilitate the efficient manufacturing of molded fiber tableware products made from agro-waste. The use of these robots will increase overall equipment effectiveness by 30 per cent, while also eliminating ergonomic risks for workers and improving safety in the workplace.

Ensuring sustainability

According to Subrata Karmakar, the Country President for Robotics & Discrete Automation Business at ABB India, the country generates about 3.5 million tonnes of plastic waste per year, leading to various hazards. To address this issue, the country has initiated a nationwide ban on single-use plastics. ABB’s innovative robotic solutions, combined with Parason’s agro-waste manufacturing process, will contribute to the adoption of 100 per cent compostable alternatives to plastics, to address climate change concerns.

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The collaboration has already resulted in the deployment of ten robots at Parason’s five-forming machine cell, with an additional 20 robots added last year. The company intends to deploy 250 forming machine cells this year, which will replace 150 tonnes of single-use plastic per day. The shift to ABB’s robotic solutions has also allowed Parason to assign its workforce to more meaningful tasks.

By leveraging the latest digital and AI learning technologies, ABB is supporting businesses like Parason to operate sustainably, efficiently, and flexibly, all over the world.