Marking a new era in diagnostics and patient care, Agappe -- Kerala’s leading diagnostic technology brand -- has unveiled its first indigenously manufactured HX series hematology equipment and the AE-powered Immunology CLIA analyser, the Mispa i200.  

The company which holds a sizable share of the global Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) market in invitrio diagnostics technologies has also announced its expansion plans. It is getting ready for an initial public offering in a year,” Thomas John, Managing Director Agappe said.

 The unveiling ceremony of new equipment was held in the presence of State Industry Minister P. Rajeeve and PV Srinijin, MLA in Kochi.

 The HX series – HX50, HX58, HX80, and HX88 – represent the latest advancements in hematology analysers, utilizing Nucleic Acid Fluorescence Staining technology.

These machines, the first of their kind in India, promise to transform laboratory work by automating blood tests with unprecedented speed and accuracy. They are designed to provide comprehensive health information, aiding in the diagnosis of various conditions through blood counts, hemoglobin, platelet count, and other critical tests.

The Mispa i200, an AE-powered CLIA (Chemiluminescence Immunoassay analyzer), is a unique innovation in detecting and quantifying biomarkers such as hormones, cancer markers, cardiac markers, infectious diseases, neuro-disorders, and autoimmune biomarkers.

“The new technologies are testament to Agappe’s commitment to pioneering solutions in healthcare diagnostics. It also demonstrates India’s burgeoning prowess in producing world-class medical technology,” Thomas John said.