Energy tech start-up chargeMOD, a leading provider of EV charging solutions, and A Plus Charge, the Guwahati-based firm in setting up EV charging, has announced a strategic partnership to accelerate the deployment of 1,000 plus EV charging stations across the North East in India.

With the incorporation of over 1,000 new chargers, chargeMOD’s network will expand to a total of 4,200 chargers across the country. This encompasses 2,000 chargers already in operation, along with 1,200 recently announced charging stations.

This collaboration between chargeMOD and A Plus Charge will significantly expand EV charging accessibility in the North East. 

M Ramanunni, CEO and Co-Founder of chargeMOD, said, “Our collaboration will not only benefit drivers but also contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable transportation future for the region. Together we can replicate Kerala’s work in creating sustainable EV charging infrastructure in other parts of the country.”

Incubated under the Kerala Startup Mission, chargeMOD was established in 2019. It has a robust network of over 2,300 charging stations across 10 States. With a strong presence in Kerala, making it the State’s sole public EV charging provider for autos and the first to develop an indigenous mobile app for locating charging stations.

“North East holds immense potential for EV adoption, and this partnership is a significant step forward in making it a reality. In following Kerala’s model, we are sure to create a more robust EV environment in North-East India,” said Samyak Jain, CEO, A Plus Charge.

A Plus Charge, a division of AlternatEV Solutions Private Limited, is spearheading Assam’s transition towards electric mobility. The company plays a pivotal role in installing EV charging stations across diverse locations, catering to electric cars, rickshaws, and buses. Their services extend to public transportation with charging solutions for EV cab fleets and electric buses.