US and Chennai-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) startup Zepic, which is building a marketing automation platform to hyper-personalize customer engagement, has closed a $2.1 million pre-seed investment round. 

The round saw VC firm Neon Fund invest $500,000 with angel investors working in senior positions at Apple, Chargebee, Freshworks, Microsoft, and Zoho also participating.

With an ability to ingest business data of any form and from disparate sources, Zepic is a no-code platform that brings a self-service approach, wherein marketers create campaigns tailored to individual customer preferences and behaviors. It also helps collate customer records as a single source for all teams to ensure consistency and accuracy in customer engagement.

The startup is co-founded by Naveen Venkatesan, Bharathi Kannan Ravikumar, Sunil Kumar and Sreelesh Pillai, who have worked in SaaS majors Zoho and Freshworks in the past and come with over 20 years of B2B SaaS experience. It has a 20-member team in Chennai and counts HockeyAustralia and TourismFiji as its pilot customers. 

“The funding will be used to further strengthen our product and engineering efforts. We will increase market outreach in the US and other markets,” co-founder and business head Sreelesh Pillai said.

Zepic co-founder and product head, Naveen Venkatesan said they will look to grow their base of data scientists team in Chennai with this funding round in order to bring in more elements of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the product’s recommendation engine.

Siddhartha Ahluwalia, Managing Partner, Neon Fund, said that given the experience of Zepic’s founding team and with global customers right from the start, it has the potential to become a SaaS success story from India.