Fuel despatches have gone up keeping in line with increased demand for thermal power generation, said Gopal Singh, Chairman, Coal India, on Thursday.

The coal-based generation witnessed 17 per cent jump in August, as availability of hydro power declined by 12 per cent.

As of September, the miner is loading 214 rakes (cargo trains) a day, with 194 rakes despatched to the power sector. This is a marked increase from August average of 202 rakes a day and 180 for the power sector.

“The positive news about the coal sector is there is a growth of 17 per cent in thermal-based power generation in August. And it is good that the coal sector has come up and it has improved despatch to power plants,” he told reporters on the sidelines of the company’s 43rd AGM.

Meanwhile, open market power tariff showed some weakness on Wednesday after nearly three-month-long rally.