The workers' unions and the Dunlop India Ltd management are likely to commence settlement talks on March 12, according to the Dunlop Factory Employees' Union.

At the discussions between the Unions and the management representatives mediated by the State Government Labour Department on Monday the unions did not accept the suspension of operations declared by the management last week at its Ambattur plant, according to senior representatives.

The Dunlop Factory Employees Union and the Anna Thozhir Sangam which represent the 500 workers at the Ambattur plant said that the Labour Department has advised the company to pay the wages due to the workers prior to the suspension of operations.

On the suspension of operations the unions have represented that the principle of ‘no work, no pay' cannot apply under the circumstance because it was unjustified and the management owes the workers the wages for the period, the union representatives said.

Also, the Labour Department has said further discussions would be held on March 12, when the union and the management will start discussions on a final settlement which would mean the closure of the Ambattur factory in its present form, they said.

The management of Dunlop India Ltd had suspended operations at the factory from the night of February 20 alleging indiscipline among workers, and safety concerns because of workers' unrest.

The DFEU representative said that the unions and the management have been advised to prepare their representations for final settlement compensation.


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