Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Inc and Cediprof Inc have entered into a distribution agreement for mixed salts of a single entity Amphetamine product, used to treat attention and hyperactivity disorders.  

This is a much-prescribed product in the United States and is presently facing a shortage, Glenmark said, adding that it expects to distribute the product in the second half of 2023.  These products are a generic version of Adderall tablets of Teva Women’s Health Inc. 

Glenmark and Cediprof (part of the Neolpharma Pharmaceutical Group) have entered into an exclusive supply and distribution agreement for the latter’s FDA-approved Dextroamphetamine Saccharate, Amphetamine Aspartate, Dextroamphetamine Sulfate, and Amphetamine Sulfate Tablets (mixed Salts of a single entity Amphetamine product) and in multiple strenghts, a company statement said. 

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Industry estimates peg sales for the 12-month period ending January 2023, at $389.8 million. 

Glenmark expects to commence distribution of the product in the US during the second half of 2023, it said, adding “This product has long been on FDA’s shortage list.” Brendan O’Grady, Chief Executive with  Glenmark Global Formulations Business said, the listed drugs were highly prescribed medications in the United States and Glenmark was pleased to alleviate the shortage the country was facing by partnering with Cediprof and Neol.