After facing series of labour troubles at its Manesar plant, Maruti Suzuki has now decided to significantly churn its workforce at the factory. About half of the workers at the facility will now be completely fresh hires from vocational schools such as Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs), with another 20 per cent coming from other companies.

The carmaker is hiring 1,870 workers for Manesar, as it looks to ramp up production at the factory to full levelsof about 1,900 cars a day by November. In all, it expects to have 3,750 workers (earlier 3,300) at the plant, of which about 1,000 permanent workers have already joined.

S.Y. Siddiqui, COO for Administration (HR, IT), said that the process for inducting the 2,750 new workers will be completed by end-October, or early November. “There is a team working on the new hires and conversion of contract to permanent positions. We are following a step-by-step process to increase production,” he said.

Lateral Hiring

Maruti is also hiring 20 per cent new workers with about 7-8 years experience in other companies. This will help in better distribution of rookies and veterans so that output ramp-up can be smoother.

Meanwhile, another 20 per cent of the workforce will also be temporary hires who will receive similar pay as permanent workers, but have a limited work contract of 8-9 months. When Maruti opens the third plant at Manesar next year, these will be the first choice of hire for the company.