Post pandemic has brought new avenues for safe laundry solutions, facilitating a shift from age-old localised laundry solutions to in-house laundries especially among hotels, hospitality and healthcare sectors, says B.Krishnamoorthy, Business Head-Commercial Appliances, IFB Industries Ltd.

After Covid, he said the concept of hygiene has become a dominant factor for consumers, forcing commercial sectors to stop outsourcing clothes for washing. “There is a clear shift from traditional dhobiwala to hygienic commercial laundry to wash bed linen, which is considered as a highly infectious material”, he said adding that in-house laundry is also a prerequisite for hospitals to get NABH accreditation.

Krishnamoorthy, who was in Kochi for the IFB initiative called “Growing Green Together”, told businessline that India’s commercial laundry space is roughly around ₹550 crore in which IFB leads with strong leadership. This is likely to go up, given the growth in these sectors after Covid. IFB’s newly launched XEROS patented technology is unique in the industry which saves water up to 70 per cent and other energy sources 50 per cent and this is expected to be a trendsetter in the commercial laundry solutions space.

However, the market for unorganised laundry solutions in the country is estimated at ₹150 crore, but majority of them are in the process of a shift to become established players to garner business, he said.

Wet cleaning technology

IFB has introduced wet cleaning technology in commercial laundry which is a professional non-toxic method of cleaning clothes for which the consumer demand is on the rise. Unlike conventional dry cleaning which uses chemical solvents to clean clothes, wet cleaning technologies are water-based, he said.

Now, educational institutions are also mulling options for a shift from traditional washing methods and to in-house laundries. Drug manufacturing is another sector which gives prominence in introducing new technologies in washing to keep uniforms in the production facilities in sterilised conditions, he added.

“We are getting enquiries to set up laundry washing from assisted homes, gated communities from across the markets. With tourism activities picking up, there will be definite growth in the industry”, he said.

IFB is also involved in commercial dishwashing solutions with patented technologies catering to various segments. This segment has witnessed a strong double digit growth in which IFB holds the highest market share in ₹170 crore market size, he said.

The company is also developing a range of new product solutions that are designed to be more sustainable and eco-friendly. These products include water and energy efficient laundry and dishwashing machines as well as detergents and chemicals that are biodegradable and non-toxic.