Indian Immunologicals Ltd (IIL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), launched  India’s ‘first’ indigenously developed Hepatitis A vaccine, Havisure

“The launch of Havisure is a testament to our commitment to advancing healthcare solutions for the nation. Currently Hepatitis A vaccines are imported into our country and as a true meaning of Atma Nirbhar Bharat, IIL has tirelessly put in efforts and developed India’s 1st vaccine for Hepatitis A.’‘ K Anand Kumar, Managing Director, IIL, told newspersons here on Friday. 

``The vaccine underwent extensive clinical trials in eight centers and has proven to be safe and efficacious. The vaccine is comparable to the world’s leading vaccine sold by a multinational. With Havisure, we aim to contribute significantly to the prevention of this infectious disease. IIL launching three vaccines in a single year is itself a big achievement and full credit to my team,’‘ he added.

Hepatitis A, a highly contagious liver viral infection that poses a significant public health challenge primarily spreads through the fecal-oral route, meaning that it is transmitted through the ingestion of contaminated food or water.

Havisure is expected to play a key role to protect against the Hepatitis A virus, which primarily affects the liver. The vaccine is effective in preventing the disease and is recommended for children in routine immunisation. 

Priced at ₹2,150 per dose, it is a two-dose vaccine wherein the first dose is administered at above 12 months of age and the second dose is given at least after 6 months of the first dose. The vaccine is also recommended for individuals who are at risk of exposure or travel to the regions with high hepatitis A prevalence. In addition to this people with occupational risk of infection and suffering from chronic liver diseases also need Hepatitis A vaccination.

According to Priyabrata Pattnaik, Dy. Managing Director-IIL, the company has `considerably’ invested in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to scale up production and meet the growing demand for Hepatitis A vaccine. 

As part of the launch, IIL will be collaborating with healthcare professionals, corporate hospitals, and government agencies to promote awareness about Hepatitis A and the importance of both paediatric, adolescent & adult vaccination.