Indian Immunologicals Limited (IIL), an arm of National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) launched its first set of virtual medical representatives, an alternative to facilitate physician’s interface in the form of eMOz .

eMOZ, a virtual realm where e-reps can connect with doctors and foster digital relationships, is a cutting edge and promising tool for information sharing. eMOz have inbuilt capabilities to provide constant updates on specific needs of the physicians, thus fostering meaningful, tangible, and enduring gains. 

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It will enable complete stakeholder management on a virtual platform by providing detailed access to products and services thereby reducing entry barriers while enhancing the cost efficiency. 

eMOz will be acquiring AI avatars of sales representatives to interact and assist physicians in one of its kind experiences. eMOz will provide credible solutions digitally for better patient care by offering greater convenience to the physicians.

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 “This generation of healthcare professionals are quite open for digital channels of communication, and we envision to provide an engaging digital experience to our customers while focussing foremost on covering untapped markets,’‘ K. Anand Kumar, Managing Director, IIL said in a release. 

On the ground level, unveiling eMOz have witnessed significant interest from doctors. Santosh Kumar Mishra, Senior Obstetric & Gynaecologist from Sanjita Maternity Care & Hospital, Bhubaneswar (Odisha) who interacted through eMOz and placed an order as well, said “There has been a huge emergence of various digital channels in our life post pandemic, experiencing something like eMOz from Indian Immunologicals Limited is unique & interesting. It is more convenient than some of the usual drop-in interactions”

The pharma industry’s traditional sales model were indexed on engagement between sales representatives and physicians leading to a volume-based formulae. The more sales representatives equal to many visits to doctors, assuming incremental business. 

However, long have the industry embraced the challenge that the average time spent by physician with a sales rep has seen a drastic downturn owing to various intersecting factors. The Covid-19 pandemic caused further restrictions that significantly curtailed reps’ access to physicians.