McDonald’s is open to collaborating and extending support to the FSSAI to formulate the standards for cooking oil-in-use in India. Currently, there seems to be unclear guidelines for oil usage with respect to used and fried vegetable oil in India.

In a statement, McDonald’s said, “We urge the authorities to bring clarity on the standards for oil-in-use. We have committed to provide our full support and share our experience earned across the world, to this process, which would help in removing ambiguity.”

In an RTI response, the FSSAI (Food Safety Authority in India) has confirmed that there are no standards defined of used and fried vegetable oil under the current FSSAI regulation. Various industry bodies such as NRAI (National Restaurant Association of India), FICCI’s food wing have advocated with FSSAI to define a science based ‘criteria to discard cooking oil’ that protects the well-being of consumers and removes ambiguity in front of the industry.