MSN Labs has launched Fesobig, a bioequivalent generic version of Fesoterodine Fumarate tablet, for the treatment of overactive bladder (OAB) and Uninary Incontinence (UI).

“The launch of Fesobig (Fesoterodine) tablets is in line with our ongoing commitment to research in bringing affordable medications across critical therapies for alleviating the suffering of Indian patients,” M.S.N. Reddy, Chairman and Managing Director, MSN Group said on Wednesday. 

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Bharat Reddy, Executive Director, MSN Group, said, “Besides helping recover from overactive bladder (OAB), we are certain that Fesobig will endow patients with a much more confident way of life by eliminating the social and psychological discomfort associated with the condition.”

The drug was priced “affordably” at ₹17 per 4mg tablet and ₹27 per 8 mg tablet, he added.

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According to studies, one in three women above the age of 50 suffer from urinary incontinence, impacting their quality of life.