Dialysis network, NephroPlus, has won a tender to build and operate the comprehensive dialysis program for the Republic of Uzbekistan in a competitive international bidding process.

This 10 year tenured project will be signed between the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan and NephroPlus. This high value project is expected to generate a topline of ₹750-800 crore over the project term for NephroPlus.

“We are excited to partner with the Government of Uzbekistan to provide high quality and patient centric dialysis care in Uzbekistan,” Vikram Vuppala, Founder and CEO, NephroPlus, said in a release on Monday.

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“NephroPlus was the only bidder from Asia and this outcome proves that Indian healthcare firms can compete with and win amongst very large global incumbents. We look forward to serving the dialysis patients of Uzbekistan with the winning patient centric model we have honed in India,” he added.

The Government of Uzbekistan awarded Hyderabad - based NephroPlus the bid to finance, construct, equip, train personnel, and operate four large dialysis centres in Tashkent, Karakalpakstan and Khorezm region to deliver quality dialysis services for over 1,100 patients.

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The government also has the right to add another over 300 patients to this program as the need for dialysis care is increasing year on year. For this project, NephroPlus will establish a 100 per cent owned local subsidiary, and the key resources from India will implement and supervise international standard clinical protocols to improve the quality of dialysis care in the country.


As part of this contract, NephroPlus will be building the largest dialysis centre in Asia to serve over 750 patients in the capital city of Tashkent. This new centre at Tashkent will eclipse the current largest centre in Asia which is also operated by NephroPlus at SVIMS University in Tirupathi, India.

The project will also significantly benefit the rural patients, as NephroPlus will introduce the first-ever home dialysis program in the country. This home dialysis program will “improve” the quality of life for the rural patients by reducing travel time and associated costs for patients, the company said.