Weaver ND Jyoti, who handcrafts exquisite Kanjeevaram sarees and sells them offline or via Whatsapp groups, was able to access a broader market by taking her small business to the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) platform. This brings together millions of buyers and sellers on a single platform.

Jyoti said that she gets 7 to 15 orders everyday through the platform.

Delhivery Ltd, which along with SellerApp - both partners on ONDC - are helping skilled weavers like Jyoti to navigate the digital marketplace, bringing them greater visibility on a nationwide platform translating into increased sales.

Jyoti told businessline that the maximum number of orders come from Lucknow, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Uttarakhand with the cost ranging from ₹8,000 to ₹10,000.

A release said that ONDC onboarding facilitated by SellerApp has brought the weavers a significant increase in visibility across 200+ cities in India. Delhivery -- with its pan-India reach of over 18,500 pin codes -- is enabling SellerApp and these small businesses from the Kanchipuram with on-time order fulfillment across multiple locations in India over the last six months. ONDC is a government-led initiative to create an open, secure, and interoperable network for digital e-commerce in India.

Sowmya Nagarajan, Vice President, SellerApp, in the release said, “In Kanchipuram, we have made substantial efforts to address the digital divide, particularly for local weavers. This work has been enabled by Delhivery’s pan-India reach and collaboration with ONDC.”

“Through tailored educational workshops, we facilitated the transition of these weavers from traditional offline commerce to the online marketplace. In the initial phase, SellerApp successfully onboarded eight weavers, empowering them to create digital stores and list 84 live SKUs. We are confident that more will be onboard during this festive season,” she added.

Commenting on the success of local Kanchipuram weavers, T Koshy, CEO of ONDC, said, “SellerApp’s pivotal role in onboarding eight Kanchipuram Silk Weavers onto ONDC underscores the network’s commitment to empowering businesses and artisans, transforming the way we connect, trade, and prosper in the digital age.”

Ajith Pai, Chief Operating Officer, Delhivery, said, “I’m thrilled to witness the transformative journey of these skilled Kanchipuram weavers. Through our seamless logistics and pan-India presence, we have connected local businesses from the remotest corners of India with their customers to foster economic growth at the grass-root level.”