Food brand iD Fresh Food (India) Pvt Ltd, which disrupted the traditional breakfast market 14 years ago with the launch of its idli and dosa batter, has announced its entry into the organic food market.

Starting this month, iD Fresh products, including its flagship idi and dosa batter, as well as rice rava idli, ragi idli, and wheat and oats dosa batter, Malabar parota and wheat parota, will be available in their organic avatars in Bengaluru. Over the course of the year, other iD Fresh products such as paneer , coffee decoction, wheat roti and vada batter will join the organic family of products.

“We are going back to the wisdom of the past, armed with value engineering and manufacturing with the use of technology. In order to move forward we decided to go back to a purer, simpler time, which we call iD 2.0 or iD Organic — our future rewritten for the world. All our products will move to organic; that’s the disruption we will bring to the market. The plan is to work towards higher output with no quantum jump in cost,” said Musthafa PC, co-founder and CEO, iD Fresh Food.

Affordable prices

To make organic products more affordable to the common man, iD has priced the new products at just a ₹10 premium. These products will subsequently be available at 25,000 stores across 28 cities. A dedicated team has been working on the organic product category over the past two years.