Government agencies have initiated action against Marion Biotech following allegations over the quality of its cough syrup supplied to Uzbekistan.

The Pharmaceutical Export Promotion Council (Pharmexcil) on Friday suspended the membership of Marion Biotech as it did not respond to the clarification sought by the Council on the adverse events reported in Uzbekistan involving the use of its cough syrup.

In a mail addressed to Sachin Jain, Chairman and Managing Director, Marion Biotech, the council said: “We regret to inform that the Council is not in receipt of any inputs/report on the adverse events and hereby state that the membership of Marion Biotech Pvt Ltd with Pharmexcil is suspended with immediate effect.’‘

In an earlier e-mail sent on December 28, Pharmexcil had asked the company to submit the information on the licensees to whom it had supplied the drug (Doc-1 Max), importers’ details, manufacturing licence copies and product permissions. It also advised the company to investigate the reasons for the alleged Serious Adverse Events and update the council with the findings to take necessary further action.

The suspension of Registration Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC) by the Council will deprive Maiden of access to any market access schemes and other benefits generally extended to the exporters.