While the world has been swept by e-commerce wave, can the legal services be left behind.

Plutus Group, which provides legal services across Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, London and Singapore has launched Plutus Desk - an advanced technology platform for providing legal services to both corporates and entrepreneurs in India.

The platform comes with simple interface to let laymen and corporates get their work done.

Online portal

Karan Pawaskar, Founder, Plutus Groups said the portal plutusgroups.com has been designed in a simple way to provide various legal services to clients.

The customer has to select the type of document and language then add in their name, address and other value data. It also adds economic value to the system as compared to other modes of approach in the industry. The payment methods are highly secure and the customer receives document within hours on the app and via mail.

Pawaskar said Plutus Desk platform is a contemporary step in the sphere of Artificial Intelligence, which will save cost of up to 70 per cent and give 95 per cent faster services.

After developing an application that aims to revolutionise the dynamics of the legal industry, the group now envision to commercialise the software. Physical documents which require original signatures by solicitors will be delivered in a day’s time at the customer's location.

To match safety standards, specialised lawyers, Chartered accountants and a three-tier check of legal documentation is done before delivering it to customer.

This service is more accessible to the masses in every aspect, and law firms too can leverage it further to service their existing clients.

Started in London by a group of friends after facing managerial problems in legal operations themselves, the Plutus Group leverages technological solutions and Artificial Intelligence to change the way legal services are provided