Rasna Foundation, the CSR arm of Rasna Group, has pledged to make its contribution to the initiatives relating to initiatives for health care and succoring frontline workers.

The company mentioned that it has deployed a task force to cater to the urgent needs, including distributing essentials like food, extending medical care, and manufacturing protective gear for healthcare and frontline workers.

Rasna informed that its team has developed a sanitiser infused with Vitamin E ingredients to fight Covid-19. The sanitiser is as per World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations of being an alcohol-based liquid hand rub. Rasna said that it has already distributed the sanitisers to the Police force and healthcare workers free of cost.

Rasna Foundation noted that it has also distributed food packets to the poor and needy. It has given free glasses of Rasna instant powder drink to the front-line workers and Police force.

Rasna Group has decided to launch ‘Sani Safe’ hand sanitiser for distribution in regular General Trade (GT) and Modern Trade (MT) markets at a reasonable cost as suggested by the Centre. It declared that the profit made out of selling the sanitisers would be plowed back into helping the frontline workers.

The foundation has tied up with a hospital to set up a Covid-19 facility. It stated in the official release that the facility would be equipped with the infrastructure to meet the growing demand of the Covid-19 patients. These treatments will be available for the infected patients as per the Government Guidelines issued from time to time.

Speaking about the initiatives Mr. Piruz Khambatta, Founder and Trustee Rasna Foundation said in an official statement, “We have committed ourselves to fight this pandemic with positivity by helping the nation. Our real heroes are the on-ground task force who are working tirelessly providing the essentials to the needy. We aim to continue to give every possible support to the communities and the healthcare workers. We thank our people, our healthcare workers, and security officials who work round the clock to ensure that we continue to stay safe in our homes.”