Reliance Retail Consumer Brands has launched Puric InstaSafe, a line of personal hygiene and home disinfection products designed to address safety among consumers in a post-Covid world.

Its products are meant to provide all-round protection from illness-causing germs and viruses, without causing any side-effects, as summarised by its brand promise of ‘Safe Safai’.

‘Instant action formula’

The products are enriched with natural ingredients such as neem, camphor, turmeric, and active lime, and carry a unique ‘instant action formula’ meant to attack virus and bacteria.

Under the Personal Hygiene category, Puric offers soaps, handwash, hand sanitisers, shower gel, and protection wipes. Under the Home Disinfection category, products include disinfectant sprays, multi-purpose disinfectant and antiseptic liquids, vegetable washing liquids, and cleaner sprays.

Puric InstaSafe products are available at Reliance Smart, Reliance Fresh, Smart Point, Big Bazaar, and Easyday Club outlets. Customers can also order on and Netmed. Special introductory offers are also on them.