French automaker Renault is looking to re-enter the robustly growing mid-sized SUV segment in India as it gears up to drive in three new models in the country by 2025, as per a top company official.

The automaker, which sells three models in the domestic market, aims to introduce two internal combustion models and one electric vehicle by 2025.

In an interaction with PTI, Renault India Operations Country CEO & Managing Director Venkatram Mamillapalle said the company is looking to enter the segment with a lot of innovations.

Renault currently sells three models -- Kwid, Triber and Kiger--in the Indian market.

"The three (existing models) will continue...And then the new products will come in..We will go into the four-plus metres segment, 4.3 metres basically," he noted.

The company will get into the segment which already has many established models like Creta, Seltos, and Grand Vitara.

"And hopefully we are trying to enter with the way we entered with Duster, we will also enter into this segment with a lot of innovations. The activity has already started," Mamillapalle said. The company has discontinued selling Duster.

By 2025, the automaker will have close to about six products in the portfolio, he said.

"Then, till 2030, we will have furthermore products. There is already discussion, which is taking place," Mamillapalle noted.

When asked if the new product would be the next generation of Duster, he said: "Duster is a fascinating vehicle and that is the inspiration for Renault to be in India. And I do not know whether we will call Duster or we are bringing Duster or Duster replacement. Or whatever you call it. But we are getting into that segment." He said the company is focusing on the SUV segment in the market.

“That is what the market wants... What else is there in the market today? Till the time new products hit the market, it is a challenge to keep the dealerships viable,” Mamillapalle said. “ this point of time it is necessary that we have to take care of them (dealers) and we are doing it.”

In February, the Renault-Nissan alliance announced investments of around ₹5,300 crore in the country. The fresh round of investments envisages the rollout of six new models between the two companies, including two electric vehicles, representing the two global brands.