Gut health company, Sova Health, has raised $1 million in seed funding round jointly led by VC Antler, Accelerating Asia, Practical VC, and VC Grid and Venture Catalysts. The round also saw participation from Quadrant Consumer Products, Midas Capital (Baheti Family Office), and marquee angel investors.

Sova Health will use the investment to enhance its product portfolio, with over 25 products planned for the next year. It will also launch a clinical trial for its DTx program, onboard new team members, and aims to penetrate offline distribution channels and explore global markets.

Max Kushnir, Co-founder and Chief Science Officer, Sova Health, said, “At Sova, we have built a proprietary database of the Indian microbiome, drawing from thousands of in-house gut microbiome tests. Using this data, we develop probiotics targeted at the Indian gut. Our gut experts use a combination of gut biome diagnostics, probiotics, and nutritional therapy to help the patient reverse symptoms of IBS and IBD and drive the conditions into remission.”

According to the company, Sova Health has grown significantly since its inception, achieving a tenfold growth in 2023. The company has launched a range of proprietary probiotic supplements, with close to 1,00,000 units sold. Additionally, this funding round followed the company’s prior pre-seed funding from Goodwater Capital, Brinc, IIMA Ventures, Stanford Angels, and others.

Additionally, the company offers customised gut health programs for individuals with gastrointestinal conditions such as IBS, IBD, GERD, Crohn’s Disease, Chronic Acidity, and Constipation, among others. Sova engages in testing hundreds of patients each month, effectively conducting a continuous clinical trial. The data gathered from these tests is then used to clinically validate the efficacy of Sova’s probiotic supplements.

Vansh Oberoi, CIO, Venture Catalysts and Managing Partner, VC Grid, said, “The field of digestive or gut-related healthcare is often neglected and underestimated in India, despite the fact that over 56% of the population, particularly in urban areas, experience chronic gut-related disorders. Sova’s innovative products and tailored health programs have proven to be transformative in the country, and we are confident that Sova will establish itself as the leading consumer platform for Gut Microbiome Testing in India.”

(Inputs from bl intern Vidushi Nautiyal)