Sprect, a C2C consulting marketplace, announced that it has raised ₹50 lakh in Angel funding from Siddarth (Sid) Shetty, Chief Business Development Officer at ServiceChannel. According to the company, this funding will be used to accelerate product development, expand its team, drive marketing efforts and boost sales.

Launched by Mohit Khadaria and Vishal Rupani in August 2023, Sprect (short for Super Connect) aims to bridge the gap between individuals and professionals across various fields, making them accessible to each other online. The company claims that its web platform directly connects users with the world’s leading PROs (Professionals) for one-on-one interactions. PROs take calls while maintaining their privacy through its turnkey system, which streamlines brand building, scheduling, payment processing, and video calls.

“We are thrilled to welcome Sid to our exciting journey,” said Mohit Khadaria, Co-founder of Sprect. “His impressive track record in building exceptional teams, coupled with his pivotal role in contributing to the success of a company achieving unicorn status, is truly inspiring.”

Sprect’s marketplace claims to have PROs from companies like Airtel, Google, Times Internet, and WarnerBros, Discovery; educational institutions like IIM, IIT, ISB, and UCLA; government officials including Principal Income Tax Commissioner and Mumbai Police Commissioner; and even Indian Olympians. According to the company, “This diversity ensures you can connect with someone who has the exact experience you need to help you take that next step to achieving your own goals”.

(With inputs from BL Intern Nivasini Azagappan)