US-based Detroit Engineered Products (DEP), an engineering solutions and product development company, is keen to offer its expertise in developing electric vehicles (EVs) and its associated systems at a frugal cost for the Indian market.

Headquartered in Michigan, the company has come out with a prototype of an electric scooter meant for the Indian market which has been developed by its team to showcase its design and development capabilities in the domain of future automotive technologies.

To address the issue of range anxiety, the new scooter has been built to provide a range of 150 km. It has four removable batteries with a capacity of 4 KWh and the vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 60 km in 7 seconds with a maximum vehicle speed of 80 km/hour. “The battery capacity will enable the scooter to run for a week with an average travel distance of 25 km a day,” said Radha Krishnan, President, DEP, while showcasing the company’s new product.

Room for better tech

The company is also in the process of adding new technologies including a solar battery pack, which will provide an additional 20 per cent range and a feet gyro board for resting when the vehicle stops. The company is already working with at least half a dozen companies in India, including established players and new companies, for the development of electric products.

“We provide all forms of design and engineering that forms the backbone for any product development. Also, we help the companies develop products at a lower cost,” said Krishnan.

DEP, which has a dedicated electric mobility development department, has been involved in future vehicle development programmes of North American automotive companies.

Karthik Shankaran, Chief Innovation Officer, DEP, said the company would be involved in the supply of electric bus orders of State Transport Undertakings.