In a landmark development, a Vadodara-based personal protective equipment (PPE) kits maker Sure Safety (India) Ltd has developed first of its kind reusable PPE kit.

What differentiates the reusable PPE kits from the disposable ones is the raw materials used, such as multi-laminated fibres, anti-static materials with exhalation valves among others.

It costs approx ₹25-30 lakh for the reusable PPE kits (a set of 10), with a decontamination chamber. An additional kit costs between ₹10,000-15,000 as against the ₹2,000 for disposable kits.

Speaking to BusinessLine , Nishith Dand, Managing Director, Sure Safety, informed that all the required approvals for the kits are in place, while the company is waiting for an order from the agencies to start supplies for the PPE-starved hospitals and Covid-19 care centres, where a larger number of patients are under isolation.

“In few developed nations like Europe and the US, companies have recently begun making such kits. The waste generated from PPE kits can pose a great risk, and we have used a new ‘air pass system’ to prepare new kits. We have done a pilot project with a hospital in Vadodara and are hoping to start deliveries of these kits to other hospitals soon," said Dand.

The company had earlier delivered India’s first spacesuit to ISRO in 2015.

Sure Safety is among a few first players engaged by Government of India to manufacture PPE for Covid 19, Dand claimed.

Dand stated that he has proposed “Global Safety Centre” to the Government of Gujarat to be prepared for future disasters, pandemics, nuclear/chemical warfare etc and help to fight such pandemics.