Amid the challenges due to Covid-19 pandemic, domestic infrastructure giant Larsen & Toubro (L&T) said virtual innovations enabled it to honour its job offers and hire 1,297 candidates from institutions like IITs and government colleges.

The conglomerate had visited 112 colleges in 2019 for the recruitment of graduate and postgraduate engineering trainees for 2020.

Out of over 18,000 candidates who had applied , 7 per cent or 1,297 were hired, Larsen & Toubro (L&T) said.

“We had honoured all our offers made to these engineers and graduates from the IIT’s, NIT’s and government colleges last year... I am glad that L&T has been able to live up to its commitment even in these extenuating circumstances of Covid-19,” S N Subrahmanyan, CEO & Managing Director, L&T Group told PTI.

“It is critical that as good corporate citizens, we recognise the difficulties faced by the potential employees at personal and professional levels and have the best interest of them at heart, in these challenging times.”

The conglomerate said various virtual innovations helped it hire candidates and the joining of over 940 trainees was done in virtual mode.

“The entire joining was taken in virtual mode. Over 940 trainees have joined us at present, and for rest, the joining has been deferred because they are yet to complete their final year exam. In short, whoever has completed his final exams has been made to join,” the company said.

As a practice, the company said it visited premier institutes like IIT’s/NIT’s and government colleges and the recruitment from IIT/NIT & government is 90 per cent.

The Graduate engineering trainees (GETs)/postgraduate engineering trainees (PGETs) for 2020 joined the company on August 17, and the trainees underwent a virtual induction programme that ended on August 29.

“We take immense pride to welcome the recruits who have completed their final exams via a virtual induction...These fresh recruits will be given the opportunity to hone their skills and grow within L&T. These talented individuals will be given business and functional overview and ingrained with our core values and culture to prepare them for tomorrow,” Subrahmanyan said.

The company said the highlight of the virtual induction process this year has ‘Know Your Leader’ series under which each board of director addressed the trainees through the virtual platform during these 17 days.

“L&T’s internal online learning platform — ATL NXT was extensively leveraged for pre-joining engagement. We had 22.5 hours of pre-engagement learning for these youngsters before joining,” the company said.

Larsen & Toubro is an Indian multinational engaged in technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing and financial services with over USD 21 billion in revenue. It operates in over 30 countries.