Volvo Trucks India has taken a significant step in its LNG (liquefied natural gas) journey by delivering its first set of 20 LNG-powered heavy-duty trucks to Delhivery, a third-party logistics service provider.

These LNG-powered trucks will operate alongside Delhivery’s existing fleet of Volvo diesel-powered trucks. As India continues to promote a gas-based economy, Volvo Trucks has decided to introduce its LNG trucks for select applications after conducting trials in India with LNG.

Volvo’s LNG trucks are equipped with the company’s patented HPDI (high-powered direct injection) technology. Unlike spark ignition engines, HPDI uses compression ignition or diesel cycle, resulting in a 15-20 per cent improvement in fuel economy over other LNG trucks. Additionally, HPDI technology produces lower emissions compared to spark-ignited LNG trucks while maintaining the same torque and efficiency as diesel engines, according to B Dinakar, Executive Vice President of Volvo Trucks, VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd.

Dinakar also noted that Volvo Trucks is actively working on building an ecosystem for LNG transportation while promoting its LNG vehicles. The company is collaborating with various stakeholders, including regulatory authorities, to ensure the availability of LNG filling stations along routes used by LNG trucks.

Volvo Trucks is in discussions with Indian Oil Corporation, Mahanagar Gas in Mumbai, and several other companies, including city gas distribution firms. “Collaboration is the way forward in this space, and Volvo Trucks will continue to work towards building the ecosystem,” Dinakar added.

LNG is measured in kilograms, with one kilogram of LNG providing the same energy as 1.4 liters of diesel. Although LNG prices increased during the recent crisis, LNG is currently about 10 per cent cheaper than diesel. Compared to fossil fuels, LNG produces 20 per cent lesser CO2 emissions. Volvo’s LNG trucks are also BioLNG compatible, which can potentially reduce CO2 emissions by 100 per cent.

“We view India as one of our key growth markets,” said Hanna Ljungqvist, Head of Market India & Indonesia, Volvo Trucks. “With the rapid development of roads and expressways, the value of Volvo trucks in terms of safety, durability, and speed presents a significant growth opportunity across various segments.”

Globally, Volvo Trucks has sold over 7,500 LNG trucks, with Europe accounting for more than one-third of its LNG volumes. While Volvo does not currently offer LNG solutions in North America or Latin America, it continues to explore opportunities in these regions.