Zircle, a startup actively operational in Delhi-NCR, has announced its official launch in Kerala with a mission to simplify the transition to sustainable energy for residential consumers.

Zircle is the first platform in India designed exclusively to assist residential consumers in switching to clean energy solutions. In a nation where 5.6 million urban households spend upwards of ₹2000 per month on electricity, the urgency to transition towards clean energy solutions is palpable.

From raising awareness to providing after-sales support, Zircle accompanies customers throughout their journey. The platform not only facilitates product sales but also offers services such as maintenance, home energy management, bill payment, savings-linked investments, and more. With over 50 solar EPC companies on-boarded nationwide, it extends digital marketplace to Delhi NCR, Kerala, and, to a limited extent, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Zircle has initiated support access to PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana initiatives on its platform, empowering homeowners to explore and embrace sustainable energy solutions effortlessly.

“Our goal is to make the adoption of clean energy simple and accessible for everyone. We aim to be a trusted partner for households transitioning to solar power. Our platform prioritizes customer benefits and provides unbiased recommendations. We streamline the entire process, from order booking to paperwork handling, ensuring a hassle-free experience for consumers.” said Selna Saji, Founder and CEO, Zircle.

With a comprehensive marketplace, homeowners can conveniently explore various options and sellers all in one place. Rooftop solar installations provided through Zircle offer attractive payback periods of three to eight years, followed by two decades of free electricity, ensuring substantial long-term savings.