Not only wedding celebrations, even the way wedding photographs are shot is changing. They’re no longer staid pictures planned by photographers who made every album a replica of the previous one.

With social media playing an important part in people’s lives, those getting married want pictures that can be uploaded and shared with friends. “Photography has changed as the younger generation is very clear about the kind of images they want. Images should not be simply a record of events; they should also look good aesthetically,” says 29-year-old Shreya Sen, a ‘candid’ photographer, who travels across India for assignments.

She accepts assignments only when she can feel “a connect with the bride and groom as candid photography requires a lot of chemistry between the photographer and the couple”. And pre-wedding shoots are a big hit with GenNext.

Candid photographers charge anywhere between Rs 50,000 and Rs 2 lakh a day, depending on their experience, track-record and the requirements of the clients. Tina D’Silva of TJ Weddings says wedding photography today is more natural and involves the use of lighting and timing to get photos with a strong visual appeal. “The trend of camera albums, where clients choose pictures from videos, is much more convenient,” she says.

Another reason behind the growing acceptance of candid photography is the trend of destination weddings. “It’s important to have a photographer who is not only able to shoot people but also incorporate elements of the destination, adding more to the wedding story,” says Sen.