A women farmer producer company in the tribal district of Rayagada in Odisha has exported 9.5 quintal of Amrapalli mangoes to London, realising 40 per cent higher price from local market that has benefitted over 1,900 farmers.

“We didn’t anticipate that mangoes from our FPO would reach global markets. Through this linkage, we now realise that the demand for mangoes in international markets is high. By adopting best packaging practices, gaining access to storage infrastructure, and using quality packaging materials, we believe we can establish sustainable market linkages through export,” said Gita Nimhala, a director on the management board of the Mahila Kisan Farmer Producer Company (MKFPCL).

The woman FPC, promoted by PRADAN (an NGO), under the Agricultural Production Cluster scheme of the Odisha government, was helped by Palladium India, a firm which works with government and various multilateral agencies in implementation of various projects and schemes, to undertake the export.

Taps potential

Palladium, under the Promotion and Stabilisation of FPO project of Odisha, had supported MKFPCL in exporting the mangoes as it is exploring new export avenues for fresh produce from the State.

“By focusing on women-led FPOs, we are tapping into a transformative potential within the agriculture sector. By enabling these women farmers to access international markets, we are not only ensuring higher price realisations but also setting the stage for a new revolution in agriculture. Women farmers, when given the right opportunities, can drive significant economic and social change. This initiative is a testament to the power of inclusivity and empowerment in driving sustainable development,” said Biswajit Behera, director at Palladium India.

Palladium has also recently facilitated 7.5 quintals of premium mango varieties, including Amrapali, Mallika, Chousa, Himsagar, Baiganpali and Latsundari, which are showcased at the recently held Indian Mango Festival in Doha, Qatar, during May 30-June 8.

Odisha’s contribution

Odisha is the eighth-largest mango-producing State in India. But farmers sell their mangoes very cheap at ₹3-4/kg in local market during bumper season as they have been facing challenges in accessing international markets due to limited export opportunities and inadequate infrastructure for value addition, Palladium said in a statement. “Despite these challenges, Odisha’s mangoes, which contribute over ₹21 billion to the national economy and account for 60 per cent of the State’s fruit cultivation, are poised to make a significant impact globally,” it said.

Palladium’s engagement with FPOs in collaboration with the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), not only promises to boost farmers’ incomes but also enhances their market reach, both domestically and globally, Behera said.