Bioprime Agrisolutions has announced the completion of trials for its seaweed-based formulation BioPrime Fortisea in the US. The formulation, produced using a proprietary cold extraction process, was tested on tomato crops at San Luis Ranch, California, the company said in a statement.

In August 2023, Bioprime Agrisolutions began testing its technology in the American market. It picked the US tomato industry, which is known for its variety and importance in American kitchens.

“Following tremendous success in India and South Asia, we turned our attention to North America. Collaborating with an accredited validation agency in the USA, our trials delivered outstanding results,” a company release stated.

The trials resulted in a 10 per cent increase in productivity, compared to standard grower practices, and provided an additional income of $1,738 per acre. Also it resulted in early crop maturity and reduced fertiliser application to 80 per cent of standard usage.

Renuka Diwan, Co-Founder and CEO, Bioprime Agrisolutions, said, “The positive feedback from the North American market highlights the practical benefits of BioPrime Fortisea, affirming its potential to enhance agricultural productivity globally. We are excited to bring our innovative solutions to North American markets, promoting healthier crops and a more sustainable future.”