Coimbatore-based start-up Buyofuel has entered into a partnership with Sai Vasudev Briquette to make environment-friendly biomass briquettes available for buying and selling on its platform.

Buyofuel, which has one of India’s online marketplaces for green fuels, aims to benefit its partners by making trading of briquettes easier and hassle-free through this partnership, a company statement said.

This partnership is aligned with the start-up’s goal of replacing conventional energy sources, utilising waste materials, accelerating decarbonisation and building a circular economy.

Biomass briquettes are great replacements for conventional, carbon-emitting fuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The company said the transition is to support demand for such briquettes as they support the larger goal of achieving sustainable development goals.

Combating climate change

The partnership will pave the way for unconventional raw materials such as dust generated from coir manufacturing and garden wastes to become a part of the biofuel value chain. 

Kishan Karunakaran, CEO of Buyofuel, said, “This also gives us an opportunity to partner with like-minded businesses who are making result-oriented efforts towards achieving common goals like accelerating decarbonisation and building a sustainable future.” 

He said the importance of briquettes in combating climate change has been widely acknowledged as they are more efficient, cleaner, cheaper and eco-friendly than conventional fuels like coal or firewood. 

Since briquettes are made of organic residues, their carbon emissions are much lower than fossil fuels. These are great choices to utilise agricultural waste collected from farms, gardens and other agricultural places, reduce the amount of waste going into landfills and stubble, and empower farmers with additional sources of income generation. 

The tie-up is a reflection of the company’s support to emerging and innovative entrepreneurs and farmers who are working and contributing towards building a better environment, the start-up’s statement said. 

Buyofuel will act as a direct link between the manufacturer, raw materials providers for the production of briquettes, sellers and the customers, thus benefiting all stakeholders. 

It will ensure a regular supply of raw materials for manufacturing briquettes in addition to ensuring regular and direct market access. This will encourage manufacturers such as Sai Vasudev Briquettes to focus on their core area of manufacturing, without having to worry about procuring the raw materials for production.