The Kerala Fisheries and Ocean Studies University (Kufos) experiment research programme to produce fish feed from organic waste has received good response.

A society operating in Thiruvananthapuram, with remarkable contribution in organic waste management has also joined the programme. Bhima Environment Technology, an agency based in Attingal that processes organic waste in the slaughterhouses of Thiruvananthapuram has signed an MoU to become a partner in Kufos’s experiment to produce fish feed from organic waste.

The Kufos program uses black soldier fly larvae to produce the protein required for fish feed production from organic waste, after separating organic waste at the source. Bhima Environment Technology has the capacity to produce 4 tonnes of black soldier fly larvae daily.

In collaboration with Bhima Environment Technology, it is possible to produce the protein required for fish feed production from organic waste in the best possible way.

The MoU was signed by Dinesh Kaippilly for Kufos and Secretary Ranjith Bhasi for Bhima Environment Technology in the presence of Vice ChancellorT. Pradeep Kumar.

Earlier, Kufos had signed a MoU with Amala Eco Clean Private Limted to implement a similar project in Alappuzha district .

If the project is successful, it will be implemented in all districts of Kerala. It will be a permanent solution for the biggest social issue of Kerala that of organic waste management and processing, Pradeep Kumar said.