The minimum support price (MSP) for paddy for the ongoing 2021-22 kharif season would be ₹1,940 per quintal, ₹72 more than the floor price in the previous season, while the MSP of a green gram will go up by a marginal 1 per cent ₹7,275 per quintal.

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs on Wednesday approved new floor prices for paddy and 13 other kharif crops, including cotton, pulses, oilseeds and coarse cereals, ahead of the season’s commencement. Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar announced the new MSP rates, who, along with Information & Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar, briefed the media about the Cabinet decisions.

The MSP of cotton (medium stable) would be ₹5,726 per quintal, ₹211 more than the previous season. Similarly cotton (long staple) would attract a floor price of ₹6,025 per quintal, up ₹200 from last year.

The highest increase in MSP this year was for sesamum, which went up by ₹452 to ₹7,307 per quintal. Similarly, both tur and black gram would command an increase of ₹300 in floor price to go up ₹6,300 per quintal. The MSP rates for groundnut and soyabean will go up by ₹275 and ₹70 respectively to ₹5,550 and ₹3,950 per quintal. On the other hand, Maize would fetch only an additional ₹20 per quintal and will have an MSP of ₹1,870 per quintal.

However, there is a substantial increase in the MSP of major coarse cereal crops such as jowar, bajra and ragi. While the new MSP for jowar would ₹2,758 per quintal with an increase of ₹118, the floor price of bajra will go up by ₹100 to ₹2,250 per quintal. Ragi, on the other hand, will have an MSP of ₹3,377 per quintal with an increase of ₹82 over the previous season.

The floor price of sunflower seeds will increase by ₹130 to ₹6,015 per quintal and that of nigerseed by ₹235 to ₹6,930 per quintal.