Pune-based KhetiGaadi, has announced the launch of KhetiGuru — a free advisory platform to support farmers — with end-to-end consulting, to boost farm produce. The key focus of KhetiGuru is to prevent crop damage from pest or disease, by providing balanced nutrition and ensuring minimum crop loss.   

In order to address the challenges faced by farmers, KhetiGuru has set up an expert team of 50 agronomists, to seamlessly provide advisory services. These agronomists will support needy farmers, right from land preparation to the various stages of crop life cycle, be it sowing, flowering, fruiting and harvesting, in addition to recommending various unique products developed by KhetiGuru.

Pravin Shinde, Founder Director, KhetiGuru, said, “After the tremendous response to our KhetiGaadi initiative from over 50 lakh farmers, we have made inroads into addressing challenges relating to farm mechanisation. With the launch of KhetiGuru, we intend to provide full stack service to farmers, right from land preparation to harvesting stage, aimed at maximising their crop produce.”

Vishnu Dhas, Founder Director, KhetiGuru, said, “While the current agri industry focus is on offering post disease damage solutions, we want to be ahead of them by focusing on prevention of crop damage, from pest or disease. To benefit all farmers, KhetiGuru will offer free advisory services by qualified agronomists, at a time when the industry charges anywhere between ₹1,200 and ₹4,000 per year.”