Gurugram-based agtech start-up Krishfy, which is putting machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and the Android system to best use for farmers across the country by offering a one-stop solution, has topped 10 million downloads of its app. 

A company statement said the milestone cements its position as India’s largest social networking platform for farmers. Established in 2019, it has taken Krishify nearly three years to touch the 10 million downloads mark. 

Farmers, mainly from the Hindi-speaking belt in the country and North India, have primarily downloaded Krishify’s app.  Krishify social network started off as a basic application with crops related questions and answers and media features to share content pertaining to agriculture and ancillary activities.

Connecting with fellow-farmers

The app has now evolved and transformed into a social media platform where farmers can connect with fellow farmers from other geographies and engage in peer-to-peer trading of cattle and tractors. 

The agtech organisation’s user acquisition strategy which is a mix of organic and paid media efforts helped it to garner users (farmers) at such a pace.

On the achievement, Krishify’s Founder and CEO Rajesh Ranjan said, “Early on, we realised that our strength lies in acquiring farmers digitally who are already exposed to and comfortable with smartphone and social media usage. This guided us to reach them out selectively on several digital channels with the objective to install our application.”

With the recent round of fundraising backed by venture capitalists such as Omnivore, Omidyar Network, Ankur Capital, and Orios Venture Partners, Krishify has raised $6.5 million so far. The agtech start-up is planning to expand its user base to become a pan-India social network for farmers that integrates multiple regional languages.