The MMTC again postponed the deadline for offer submissions in an international tender to buy and import yellow corn (maize), this time to May 22, European traders said on Tuesday.

The deadline for offers was originally May 8 and had been postponed to May 15.

The tender seeks maize free of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs).

India used to be a major maize exporter to south-east Asia. But it has become an importer due to falling output and rising demand from poultry producers and corn starch manufacturers. This has raised domestic prices.

Recent maize import shipments have been reported from Ukraine, said to be the first in about three years.

Offers in the MMTC tender must remain valid until June 7.

The MMTC is now asking for offers of corn for shipment between June 15 and July 15. Traders are being asked to submit offers of at least 20,000 tonnes and a maximum 100,000 tonnes.

The volume purchased will be decided by MMTC depending on the level of prices received.