Seed major Mahyco Grow has formed a technology joint venture with US-based Phytelligence to provide planting material for horticulture crops.

Mahyco Grow is the re-branded avatar of Barwale Group. All the brands of the Barwale Group are now grouped under the umbrella of Mahyco Grow. Seed, fruits and agriculture engineering businesses will be under Mahyco Grow. There is no change in the holding structure of the companies.

A company spokesperson said that Phytelligence is a start-up company incubated from Washington State University. It has been in operations for the past few years and has special skills in creating material for fruit crops using an innovative technology, which will be used by Mahyco Grow, for developing better quality planting material for the Indian market.

The spokesperson reiterated that the Phytelligence technology is based on conventional breeding technology. The technology will have to pass all the mandatory regulatory requirements of the government.

A joint press statement said that the plants produced by Seven Star Fruits, a company of Mahyco Grow, using the Phytelligence MultiPHY process will support higher density planting systems, which results in higher yields per acre and more sustainable production.

The partnership will also enable the delivery of new varieties of apples, peaches, plums, berries, grapes, nuts, oranges and other tropical fruits to the Mahyco Grow’s existing customers, and the region’s farmers, the statement said.