Roots Foundation and Pi Industries have initiated “Project Sahyog” to bring about awareness of various agricultural methodologies amongst farmers in Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh with a focus on environmental sustainability, economic empowerment, and entrepreneurial development.

A media statement said the foundations of the entire farming ecosystem in Punjab and Haryana have been deeply rooted in chemical farming practices, setting these regions apart from the agricultural patterns prevalent in other parts of India. The paradigm shift brought about by the Green Revolution created a dependency on chemical-intensive agriculture, and this also highlights the critical need for prudent utilisation of agrochemicals.

It said the key objective of “Project Sahyog” is to provide advocacy and hold awareness programmes to educate farmers on the advantages of proper agrochemical application for sustainable farming; develop entrepreneurship capabilities amongst new-age farmers by leasing out equipment and sharing knowledge within their communities; provide farmers with efficient spraying equipment to enhance productivity and crop yield; and train to ensure farmers use the spraying equipment correctly, fostering a behavioural change towards sustainable practices and minimising farmers’ dependency on manual labour for spraying activities.

Training for beneficiaries

Under this, the project has selected 226 entrepreneurial beneficiaries, including farmers, for the distribution of boom sprayers across Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

All beneficiaries have undergone training sessions on the proper operation of the boom sprayer, complemented by practical on-field demonstrations. Under the project, farmers were also taught about the agricultural best practices, benefits of boom sprayers, crop protection strategies, safe and responsible pesticide use, proper disposal of chemical containers, and advantages of farm machinery, the statement said.