Sohan Lal Commodity Management (SLCM), a post-harvest logistics company, has got the second patent for the ‘Agri Reach’ application from Intellectual Property India. The latest patent recognises the ‘method for real-time monitoring of quality control data in a warehouse management system’.

A media statement said the first patent of ‘Agri Reach’ application was granted in 2022. Its ‘Method for real-time data management’ had defined centralised processes for monitoring and managing crops from any location. The second patent granted on May 20 2024 specifically addresses the process of monitoring quality of the commodities stored in a warehouse.

It said SLCM Group becomes India’s first company in agri industry to have proprietary solutions for holistically managing both quality and quantity of crops in real-time under a single platform.

Quoting Sandeep Sabharwal, Chief Executive Officer of SLCM Group, the statement said, “We applied for the patent six years ago with a strong trust in our innovation and a mission to revolutionise the agriculture industry of India. It is a proud moment that the India Government has acknowledged our patent application. This milestone solidifies our leadership position, being the first and only company in our industry to achieve two patents that will transform the agriculture domain. We are committed to making sustained efforts towards laying a robust phygital infrastructure with culmination of cutting-edge technology and expansive physical network of establishments.”

Only NABL-accredited application

He further said, “Both the patented inventions in a single platform of ‘Agri Reach’ contains everything you need to effectively track commodity journey and syncing all data from numerous warehouse sites at the centralised location ensuring no gaps in the warehouse management process which may lead to deterioration of commodities. Warehouse operators are empowered to optimise quality control procedures and equip stakeholders with improved decision-making capabilities by having continuous access to the lifecycle of crops stored in the warehouse. Thereby, fostering sustainable development by curbing huge food grain losses during post-harvest stages.”

The statement said that ‘Agri Reach’ is the only NABL-accredited application developed to monitor and oversee agri commodities journey in storage. The AI-powered application is agnostic to infrastructure, location or crops to enhance efficiency and transparency.

It said that the application offers a diverse set of services in collateral management such as audit receipts, quality control and surveillance. This helps agriculture experts to maintain the health of stored crops and ensure optimum quality using a series of processes, audits and real-time tracking of the facilities, it added.